Thursday, April 07, 2005

Jeff's story

This is Jeff. He's the first homeless person I've approached in Austin, and I asked him what his story was. On March 22 2003, Jeff was, he says, involved in a terrible motorcycle wreck. His wife was, he says, killed in the crash, and that's how he lost his leg. He told me that "the government is pissing him about with his money" He told me he has two children to support, that are staying with relatives. He has to fend for himself, he says, till he can "get it going". He gets about $15 a day, if he's lucky, he says. When he can, he "stays in motels so he can clean up". Otherwise, he says, he's sleeping on the streets. He says he figures it's better to beg than to go out stealing or robbing from people. "At least I'm asking for it", he tells me."it's a shame that there's all the heartless people in the world. If more people would reach out and help, there'd be a lot less killing, a lot less theft, a lot less starvation." Jeff claims he is a veteran, and is 49 years old. Posted by Hello


ji said...

As a family member, I can tell you that Jeff has never been married, has no children, and has feed the interview a sob story that is completely fabricated.

Jim said...

i met jeff yesterday. got a very different story. chatted with him for a while. didn't figure much of it for the truth, but still felt sympathetic for a guy missing a couple limbs and having a jacked up arm.

might help him out with parts for his prosthetics as my old roommate is a prosthetist in socal.

i'd be curious to know the real story.