Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Homeless in George Bush's home state.

This plaque is by the lake in Austin, Texas. It stands as a reminder to us of the people that we neglect in our society because it's so convenient to do so. These people aren't lazy. These people are just too traumatized to function. No person in their right mind lives on the streets. The purpose of this blog is to tell the stories of some of the homeless, and to give them faces and voices.

The plaque reads HOMELESSNESS. It is the essence of DEPRESSION. It is IMMORAL. It is SOCIALLY CORRUPT. And it is an ACT OF VIOLENCE. In memory of those who have lost their lives on the streets of Austin.

What I hope to do in this blog is to take a photojournalistic approach to the situation the homeless face in the capital of Texas, the president's home state. To give them a chance to speak, and to let you, the reader of this blog, see the humanity in them, and perhaps at least think twice before walking or driving past any homeless person again.

All the people featured in the blog will be real. Their stories will be as they tell them. What you make of those stories is entirely up to you.

I welcome feedback on this blog. Any feedback and support is greatly appreciated. It isn't my intention to make any huge political statement; it's just that I feel we neglect a vulnerable component in our society, and I personally think it's obscene that we do so. Posted by Hello


Pedro Caleja said...

Homeless is a problem of every society an of every one of us.

I'm writing from Portugal, and I wish you good luck with your blog.

Jack said...

Thanks for your comment, Pedro.

Indeed, homelessness is a worldwide problem.

Perhaps if the home state of the leader of the most powerful nation on the planet can be seen as a role model, then the world might follow.